Monday Morning Preacher: Inquire

At every step in the passage from yesterday, David was seen inquiring of the Lord.

  • When he heard that the town of Keilah was in trouble, he inquired of the Lord of whether to fight or to stay in hiding.
  • When God told him to fight, and his men were concerned, he asked the Lord again for guidance.
  • After defeating the Philistines, he asked if Saul would come to try and capture him, and if the people of Keilah would hand him over.

Throughout this passage, David didn’t move, didn’t take a step without asking what was God’s will for this situation, and so I want to ask you this:  Do you have the same mindset?

If I was honest, it would be hit and miss.  There would be plenty of times I would place God first and ask Him for guidance before doing anything.  Then there would be times where I just plow ahead in getting things done without giving God a thought.  I know I can accomplish something with my own power and in my own strength, so why ask for help?  And it’s in that moment I realize I am not acting like a man after God’s own heart.

Whether a task is big or small, easy or difficult, we should never rush into something without asking for God’s guidance.  He is the one who created us, formed us in our mother’s womb, prepared us for the task at hand, and we should be asking if this is what He really wants from us.

And so my challenge for this week is to start every day inquiring for the Lord.  Don’t take a step out of bed before asking what He wants of us this day.  What would happen if all Christians everywhere took those few moments to ask God to provide for the day, show us where to go and how to accomplish what’s in front of us, and how we can be examples of Christ to this broken world?