Monday Morning Preacher: Beyond the Stats

I gave a stat yesterday that really bothers me.  The world has 2.4 billion Christians.  Some may look at that number and think, “That’s a huge number!  Why would that bother you?”  And in some ways, it is impressive. When you think about the fact that just 2,000 years ago, there was only 500 disciples who started this movement that has just blossomed to 2.4 billion in 2000 years, it’s a phenomenal place to be.

But we have to look at the other side of the same coin.  Even though there are 2.4 billion people who are saved, there are 4.7 billion who are lost.  4.7 billion, almost twice as many people who are saved, who are facing judgment.  Who are facing life apart from God forever.  Who will spend eternity apart from any type of joy, peace, or love.

And it gets even worse when I say that over the last 100 years, the growth in the numbers of Christians has been at the same levels of growth as the population.  Translation:  We have more Christians today because children are being born into Christian families and are choosing to be Christian.  So that means, we’re not doing a great job actually reaching the world.  Instead our spreading of the faith seems to be just within our own homes.

And this is not the way it was meant to be.  This is not what God has asked of us.  We are to go into the world and be disciples of Christ and make new disciples who will go and make new disciples.  And while I understand it’s not feasible based on where all Christians are located, but if every Christian just shared their faith with two people and they came to Christ, everyone in the world would know Christ.

So what are you waiting for?  What is holding you back?  Can you go out and share Christ with someone this week and be the man or woman of Christ you were not only destined to be, but expected to be when Christ first gave His Great Commission.

There are so many people who are lost and are living life like Nabal in our passage yesterday.  They’re eating, drinking, and living life, not recognizing that judgment is coming for them.  Help them see the truth, and let’s have these next 100 years be one of growth in our faith, rather than another 100 years of doing just the bare minimum.