About NLCC

We are New Life Christian Church, an independent Christian church in Plano, TX. We are an age-integrated / family-integrated church. It is our purpose as a church to be disciples and to make new disciples within Plano and the surrounding North Texas communities.

We understand that all of us need God’s life-changing love, grace, and truth and that we can all work together to experience that within our lives.

If you have a need in your life right now, please contact us. We want to help.

If you have a heart to love and serve God and others, please contact us. We need your help.

The fact is we all have needs AND can love and serve others. Sometimes we are in a season of our lives where one of these seems greater than the other. We understand. We have all been there and will, most likely, be there again.  We want to meet you where you are and have you join us on our journey!

We welcome you to look around and find out more about who we are: