Make 1 More

We have one strong, clear vision as a church. We are being disciples, making disciples. We want to be a church that takes the Great Commission seriously. We want to be an active church in fulfilling our vision, and we have decided to do something about it.

We’re starting something at New Life called Make 1 More. So make one more what? Make one more disciple in Christ. We all have those people in our lives that we love and care about, but for whatever reason, hasn’t made that decision to follow Christ.

So what we are doing is simple. We are committing for this next year to Make 1 More disciple. It’s very simple, for the next year, we will commit to do a few things for this one person.

  • First, we commit to pray.
    • We don’t have the power to change hearts. Only God can do that, and He is on our side.  The Bible never said we are to go into battle to win people for Christ on our own. So we take the time to pray for the one person we choose. It’s something as simple as a minute per day. Pray for them. Pray for their day, their job, their family, their faith. Pray for the problems you know of and the ones you don’t. Pray that they will get to know Jesus. And pray for us to love them as God does, and pray for opportunities to serve them.
  • Second, we serve them.
    • When they’re struggling, we send them an encouraging note. If they have a need, we fulfill it. If they’re moving, we volunteer to help. If they’re hungry, we invite them over for a meal. We find meaningful ways to serve them and develop a strong, lasting friendships.
  • Third, we share with them our faith
    • As we serve them, opportunities to share our faith will come up. We let them know we will pray for them, and do it on the spot. They also may as why we are the way we are. They begin to see the difference and want to know more, and then we have our opening. We talk to them about our faith and invite them to church.
  • Fourth, we let each other know how it’s going and celebrate the victories.
    • We added a moment at the beginning of each service of silent prayer for our one person. We also use our Testimony & Thanks time to share what’s happening as well. We share our struggles and how we can pray for us and our ones, and cheer when there’s a breakthrough.

So I know there are a few people reading this and thinking, “But I have more than just one person, I’ll do everyone at once.”   And I’m going to respectfully tell you to hold up.  Pray for those you know who are lost, but only commit to one person at this time. To pray for, serve, and love someone the way we are asking you to is a large undertaking it itself. It’s not something you can multitask. Choose one, focus on just Making 1 More, and when you gain a victory through Christ, it will be time for the next one.

There are others who are thinking, “Everyone I know is a Christian.” or ” No one comes to mind.” I would encourage you to ask God to bring that one person along. Even if it takes a few weeks or months, pray for someone to come along as strongly as you would pray for that one person if you had them.

By doing this, I know and believe we are doing some remarkable things for Christ. Our church is fulfilling our mission and growing the body of Christ.  Not only are we being the disciples we want to be (Being Disciples, Making Disciples), we are winning new believers to Christ who are being sent to go and do the same.